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WordPress installation Tutorial for beginners

  • in WordPress Configuration Tutorial beginners In Local machine (offline mode): if you are beginner and want to install WordPress for study purpose or for practice so I guide you how to manage WordPress in our system offline mode. And once you develop complete blog or website and satisfied then we learn how to migrate WordPress website or blog on server with live domain.
  • First, we need to configure a local server or local environment where we required Apache, MySQL and PHP (All these we can configure with separate package) so we have a package of all required platforms (Apache, MySQL and PHP). We have XAMPP for windows, Linux and MAC. You can download XAMPP.
  • Xampp-Apache
  • After Download we have to install the downloaded package as mentioned below.
  • On Browser type http://localhost/ or then press enter and the following screen appear.
  • Pradeep-Chaturvedi Apache package configration
  • Let’s Start WordPress Installation.
    • Download WordPress from
    • Unzip downloaded folder in c:/xampp/htdocs or your drive path where xampp installed.
    • You can keep same WordPress folder name, or rename WordPress folder on your project name. like, “”
  • WordPress Tutorial For Beginners File Structure of WordPress
  • Now we have to create a database, on browser input
  • phpmyadmin Configuration on localhost
  • Click on database tab on top navigation, or type
  • Input database name, what you want to keep as per your project.
  • Note: Database name will be related to you project name that help to identify easily if there are lots of databases.
  • phpmyadmin Configuration on localhost
  • Now, database is created, you required 3 things to configure WordPress.
    1. Database_Name (which one you created)
    2. User_Name (on localhost by default “root”)
    3. Server_Name (localhost)
    4. Database_Password (default keep blank on local)
  • Now on your browser, type: https://localhost/mywebsite (mywebsite or whatever your project name)
  • WordPress Configuration and installation process
  • In WordPress installation page you can select language as per your need, in my case I select English (US).
  • Enter database configuration
  • WordPress Configuration and installation process Basic Requirement

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  • Installation on server, hosting
    • First, we required a good hosting for host your blog or website online.
    • Second, select domain a suitable domain name (.in, com. online,.org etc.) you can purchase from any provider
  • after registration and book you hosting and domain. just login on your server panel or cpanel, and follow the below mentioned steps.
    • Step1 : login cpanel and goto, File Manager->Public_Html-> upload and extract here, WordPress Zip which we downloaded from
    • Step2 : Go to Database section and  Select MySQL Database 
    • Database Creating Step By Step
    • Create database, Enter database name whatever you ant to keep your database name.
    • How to create database on server
    • Create User for database and assign a password, (on local system we don’t required password and user name default root we keep.).
    • How to Create Database user and password
    • After creation of user and database, now we have to assign privileges to user.
    • Assign database privileges to database userOther process are same as we installed on localhost, see video. WhatsApp Me if any Doubt.
    • WordPress installation Tutorial beginners video Available below and also on our YouTube channel
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