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What is WordPress?

WordPress is an operational, open-source website/blog creation tool Based on PHP. It’s possibly the simplest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in presence today.

It’s an excellent tool to manage variance websites, blogging, Business portfolio, e-commerce, Magazine, news, etc.

Many Big and Popular Companies and Brand Currently use WordPress for publishing websites, blogs, News, Music, and product promotion.

Why WordPress?

  • First, we talk about everything, let’s agree with the statistics to tell. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the presence. And is used 36% of overall online website all over the world.
    • Earlier in 2003, when WordPress First released (May 27, 2003). as a simple blogging tool but with regular updates in module, plugin and customization technique now WordPress becomes world-famous, variety of purposes including blog, magazines, eCommerce sites, businesses, portfolios, photography sites, and more. In the last 15 years How WordPress Grew that is really the subject of appreciations of WordPress groups and community worldwide.
    • These worldwide community time to time enhance features develop plugins and themes. Organize WordPress World Camps, Meetups, etc.

why do individuals/Public love WordPress?

Now, there’s this question: why do individuals/Public love WordPress? We’ll answer just a few explanations why…

  • It’s very easy to use: To publish a WordPress website, you need to have basic or less coding knowledge. Any layman can learn how to handle it and easily build a fully-working website.
  • It’s flexible: WordPress offers the greatest number of themes and plugins you can visualize. The user/admin can select his website’s design in the thousands of attractive and functional themes. And add any functionality that he wants via thousands of available plugins.
  • Authorization of your data: You’ll have full Authentication and complete control over your website data as you’ll host your site on your own hosting or server.
  • The powerful Tool: WordPress’s platform is highly accessible and powerful. You can manage high-traffic websites, eCommerce platforms, and many other types of websites with WordPress professionally.
  • It’s free: WordPress software is fully free and open-source software that you can download use modify and distribute as many times as you want without any fees. just a domain and hosting Server you’ll requirement to buy when forming any WordPress Website.
  • Help and support: In WordPress, there’re lots of resources and millions of community, groups, and people to help you, solve any issues you encounter. You’ll find lots of WordPress Blog articles, Online/offline tutorials & documentation, videos, and also known people to help you in support forums, emails, chat, and business phone services.

There’re several other reasons why people love WordPress. Now If you want to know further, you’ll need to give it a try yourself

Join, Pradeep Chaturvedi.

you won’t be disappointed. Also, check out our complete article on why use WordPress.

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