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TikTok competitor app Mitron Deleted from google play store

Mitron Deleted from play store

Tiktok competitor app Mitron that claim, that was Indian app. Now Deleted from google play store. Delete the app from your phone.

Mitron vs Tiktok

Mitron App- the popular Indian App and competitor of TikTok is now removed from Google Play Store.
This application had 5+ million downloads till now. But till now nor google or team matron have released any details about removable of application from play store.

According to our news: maybe the following are the reasons for the removable of the app from the play store.
1. Mostly the strong chances are that removed due to securities issues because.
2. Mitron App was not a complete Indian app: Yes! this app was not made by any Indian developer in India.
3. Student of IIT Roorkee, Shibank Agarwal bought the App source code from a Pakistani software company “Qboxus” and renamed and give his brand name Mitron.

“A Chinese App that doesn’t have a reputation” that was on the knee only in one day from few efforts of some intelligent peoples and youtube’s stars.

“And a Pakistani app TicTic” that has lots of Security issues, as usually happens with Pakistan.

“But Big Deal is this” Pakistani can Develop something, apart from “bomb”. and that also famous in India. because our Student of IIT Roorkee, Shibank Agarwal bought the App in 2500/- Only. “OMG so cheap”.

Let’s come to the topic.

So, after Student of IIT Roorkee, Shibank Agarwal bought the App but didn’t change or modify source code and privacy policy and the developer didn’t upload the privacy policy.

Our cybersecurity researcher and an expert told it’s risky to use this kind of app. that doesn’t have any additional firewall and software security.

it’s risky for your data privacy. so if you installed this application we recommend that please uninstall this application form your mobile.

and please aware of these types of apps, before installation of this types app please check all legality, Privacy policy.

I Never recommend wasting your time on TikTok.

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