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How to install WordPress Using Softaculous in cPanel

Now in this segment, we discuss and learn the Installation of WordPress using Softaculous in cPanel.

What is Softaculous for cPanel?

Softaculous is integrated into cPanel and can be installed into cPanel in just 2 minutes. App Softaculous is tightly integrated with cPanel and your users can access 454 apps. The Softaculous takes care of the complete lifecycle of the application from install to backup to update.

What is Softaculous for cPanel?

What are the features of?

  1. One-Click Install
    • Install apps within seconds with just ONE CLICK
  2. 454 Apps
    • Wide range of apps to choose from
  3. Daily Updates
    • Get the updated version of apps within a day
  4. Easy to use API & SDK
    • Well documented and easy to use API and SDK for your convenience
  5. Demos
    • Check the demos of scripts to experience the app before installing
  6. Ratings and Reviews
    • Check the Ratings and Reviews of scripts to get an idea of what other users feel
  7. Backups / Restore
    • Configure backups which can be restored if anything goes wrong
  8. Clone installations
    • Clone your website to test any changes before you make it to your live site
  9. WordPress Themes
    • Install WordPress themes while installing WordPress itself
  10. Multilingual
    • Most of the apps can be installed if your native language
  11. 24X7 Support
    • Need support? We are there to help you
  12. Save Costs
    • Get a better solution at a cheaper rate
  13. Saves Time
    • Saves time of users as well as web-hosting provider
  14. HassleFree
    • Hosting provider does not need to manage script packages

How to install WordPress In Few Clicks Using Softaculous?

In our last discussion or tutorial, we learn the installation of WordPress Manually After creating a database and other database configurations like Database Name, User Name, and Password Setup and run WordPress Installation Wizard for installation on both local and using cPanel.

And we talked about installation in a few clicks, this is the same method where we learn how to manage WordPress Installation in a few clicks using Softaculous in cPanel.

Step 1. We need to login to our cPanel.

cPanel Login for access softaculous

Step 2. Scrolled down in cPanel and you’ll see below screen Softaculous Apps Installer. Here you can install may other software/apps just in few clicks. But We have to install WordPress, Click on WordPress Icon.


After clicking on the WordPress icon, the following page will appear in front of you. And you can start configuration wizards for install WordPress in a few clicks using Softaculous.

WordPress Installation Using Softaculous

  1. From Install Button we can initiate the installation of WordPress in Few Steps.
  2. In My apps section, we can check all available apps That are installed in the same system or Softaculous in Cpanel.
  3. This is the list that displays all installed apps domain name installation date and time Current version of installed software, from here we can edit/update or delete the setup.

Let’s Learn what is the installation process and know step by step.

Once we click on the install button, then the following screen will appear.

Installation WordPress Softaculous cPanel

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