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Different between and

This is the complete Tutorials Website blog Development. in this section know details different between 2versions of WordPress.

Did you know, when we talking about website blog development on WordPress there are two different WordPress Platforms?

  1. WordPress.COM
  2. WordPress.ORG

Repeatedly learners confuse and, which leads them to choose the wrong blogging platform for their needs. And even persons who know that both are two different platforms, they are not aware of the differences between them.

The question is which one is better? vs

For help, we created a good and point to point comparison of both platforms.

  • We highlight the most important key points between vs so that you able to select a suitable platform according to your needs and convenience.
  • Meanwhile selecting the exact platform is crucial for your online achievement, we have created the most comprehensive comparison of vs

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• is a pre-hosted service where you can create your website or blog based on WordPress. • We can download WordPress files and host on your own server/hosting with your customize domain.
• To publish your blog or website you need to create signup on for creating an account. • User need and hosting/server plan as per your requirements and host your blog or website on this.
• After creating an account you can publish your website within 5 minutes and customize according to your needs. • Here you can install WordPress installation file manually or many hosting providers offer one-click installation on the hosting panel.
• On paid ($) and free (0) both available in the free version you can customize your website with basic functionality and you can upgrade with the paid plan. • Thanks for Open-Source the WordPress Software available totally free.
• In this platform, you can’t access your code file, database, not able to manage plugin. Only use available free or premium theme can’t upload the theme. • People can upload your own files, plugin, code, theme, and also if you have some coding knowledge you can also customize the software or functionality.
• In the free version you only publish your website on’s subdomain ( We can host your blog website on your own hosting with your selected domain name.


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